SQL-Server Tables / Fields

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This section contains a topic for every data upload table in the required SQL-Server database. 

The table name corresponds directly to a button for running the load on the Single Company main tab in E2S.

All tables have two extra fields. ID and Status. These are not imported into Sage but are used internally. You do not need to populate these fields as part of any data load as the database will handle them. 

Status handling...

E2S will attempt to upload to Sage any records with status set to 'New' (the default for newly created records). 

If a record is loaded into Sage the status will be set to 'Sent'

If a record is rejected by Sage or has a formatting error the status will be set to 'Error'  

E2S will also re-attempt to load any records with a status of 'Error'. This gives you time to edit the record in SQL-Server to fix any problems.

E2S will ignore any records with a status of Sent.

If you prefer to keep your database 'clean' you can use the button 'Delete All SQL Data' on the Configuration tab after every upload leaving your table blank and ready for your next update.

If you prefer to manually add Error records and not attempt to load them again you can press the "Set All Records 'Sent'" button on the Configuration tab.

Please note that you can re-order the fields in the tables into any order that suits your needs, but all must exist for the process to work. You can leave any non-key field blank.

Create the database required using the blank backup included in the install on your hard drive. It is called E2S50Data.bak. This is a SQL-Server 2005 backup which will be compatible with 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019. 

If you prefer you can create a blank SQL-Server database and run the script included (Create E2S50Data Objects.sql) to create all the tables and other objects required.