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FAQs (See also https://www.red-it.co.uk/e2s-faq)


.NET Error: The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine

This file is provided with the setup of E2S and is offered as part of the install process. 

This error is a result of missing data connectivity components from your MS Excel, you will need to download a file from our website (link below) to run which should resolve this issue. This only affects XLSX files.

If you don't wish to run this Microsoft file on your system, or are having problems downloading from the link, you can just use the .xls import spreadsheet as opposed to the .xlsx file. Alternatively ask your IT department or call our support team for assistance.


Download link 32bit: http://excel2sage.co.uk/download/AccessDatabaseEngine.exe

Error connecting to Sage. Check login details are correct

If you're receiving this message, ensure:-


IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend you always use a UNC path rather than Mapped Drives to where your Sage data is kept on a network. Your IT dept will be able to help you with this. We have found that mapped drives can cause problems with connectivity to Sage data even if you can see the location via Explorer. Example below:-


Instead of W:\Sage\Accounts\2016\Company.000\Accdata use \\YourServerName\Sage\Accounts\2016\Company.000\Accdata


Cannot open SETUP.DTA - showing in the Company Control Tab of the E2S Connector

This may occur when your Sage data is held on another machine, (usually a server), and the E2S Connector cannot find the Sage Company names held in the local registry.

We recommend using UNC paths not mapped drives (see above for an example).


From 2020.09.1 companies are filled in automatically if possible. To amend the path used by E2S, tick the Update Companies Manually Configuration key and edit the data yourself in Company Control tab.

Double click in the field to manually type the names of your Sage companies.


Sage Data Objects not registered - Third Party Integration (SDO)

Your Sage software hasn't been enabled for Third Party Integration. Enable your Sage Data Objects (SDO) for Third Party Integration from within Sage, from Tools > Activation > Enable Third Party Integration you will need to contact the number listed here to request the Serial No. and Activation Key from Sage (These are not the same as those received with the product).


You can check to see if your Sage software has Sage Data Objects (SDO) registered by going to Help > About from within Sage under Features Enabled.

See also help subject Enabling 3rd Party Integration


TROJAN Warnings - False positives from your Antivirus software, typically Norton/Symantec

The article below from Symantec explains false detections on some software, our E2S software is 100% virus free.

 Symantec- Handling and preventing SONAR false positive detections: https://support.symantec.com/en_US/article.HOWTO55273.html



​Data type mismatch in criteria expression

The data in the field is in the wrong format, the most common is the InvRef field. If you have only entered a number in this field, MS Excel is likely to have formatted the field into a Number format. You must either prefix the first number with an apostrophe ' which makes MS Excel leave the number as text or use an alpha-numeric reference for the InvRef field to prevent MS Excel from auto-formatting the field as number.

Error getting data from Excel - Numeric Format

Refer to the issue above, just as the data type mismatch error, this often relates to the E2S Connector seeing data it doesn't expect in a field, for example a number where it expects to see text. 

Either prefix the first number with an apostrophe ' or use an alpha-numeric reference which will prevent MS Excel from auto-formatting the field as a number.

      Invalid value specified

Check that all data is within field length specified in the Field Mappings stored in the help file

Error obtaining record count zero returned

For example, in Journals, this will be shown when the NomCode field is not in the expected format. If you do not wish to use the look-up functionality, please prefix the first NomCode number with an apostrophe '.

Error getting balance check for ref : xxx'xx

For example, in Journals, this will be shown where the Ref field is not in the expected format. Please ensure that the reference is a Alpha-Numeric, or prefixed with an apostrophe ', but does not contain an apostrophe as part of the reference.

Can I rename or delete some of the columns that I don't need?

No, if you rename any of the columns or remove either columns or tabs from the E2S spreadsheet your import will fail when performing the relevant upload and you will need to restore the original E2S spreadsheet.

If there are columns you don't wish to use, you can right click the column header and hide the column (Screenshot 1 below), this will not cause a problem when importing but if you opt to hide columns, bear this in mind when copying & pasting data into the spreadsheet.

Can I copy and paste data into your E2S Import Spreadsheet?

Yes, it is always advisable however when pasting data from another source to paste

“values” – This can be done by right clicking and selecting Paste Special and then opting

for Values. (Screenshot 2 above)

Will E2S still work if I upgrade my Sage software?

Select the relevant Sage version from within the E2S Connector > Configuration tab.

or download the latest version of E2S software should the version not be listed in the Configuration tab.


If you are using E2S Automation, your files may require re-mapping when upgrading.


We strongly recommend informing us of any intended upgrade before upgrading your Sage Software so we can anticipate and schedule any additional work that maybe required to keep your site up and running.  



My PC has died and my E2S license key doesn't work on the new PC?

E2S Software licenses are tied to a single machine name, if you rename your new PC with the same name as the old PC your existing licence will continue to work.


If you'd like to transfer the licence to another machine, depending on how many months remain on your existing license you can do so by purchasing a license transfer, or a new ALP from our online shop (see below for link). The sales/support team will be happy to confirm which is the most cost-effective solution for you.

How do I renew my license?

Annual licenses may be purchased from our online shop www.red-it.co.uk/online-shop

You will receive an invoice by email approximately one month before renewal with bank transfer details for payment.