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You can also use the Request License or Support tab to create a support request email.

When you hit the Create Support Email button having filled in all the fields (top two should be filled in automatically) you will see this...

If you have an email client installed on the machine E2S is on you should have an email message on screen ready to send as soon as you click OK to the above message. If this does not work you can create an email manually using the text on the right side of the screen and pasting into a new message.


Please note that in the case of a problem or bug report you should attach any relevant Log File information as text or by attaching the log file itself (usually C:\Excel2SageConnector\LogFile.txt but the latest version is always called LogFile.txt and is in the Connector Install Path which you can find on the Configuration tab ) to the email. 

You can also share your screen with the support team at E2S by clicking the Teamviewer Support Session button (also available via a button at the top of the screen). This will open a new programme (TeamViewer) that allows the support team to see your PC desktop to help work through any problems. When you click this button you will see a screen like this...

The support team will ask for the unique ID and password that is generated every time you run the process before they connect.